Eliminate Avoidable Churn (katstevens) wrote in imsoc,
Eliminate Avoidable Churn

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For the old skool imsoccers...

I bumped into Reb at Truck. She emailed me the other day, I said I'd pass it on...

>...While I'm here, I owe everyone who was in imsoc at the same time as me an apology for being crap and disappearing. Sorry, I realise now that
it was really rude, but it was a weird time for me and I wasn't managing to think sensibly about anything. I realise that's no excuse
for being so flakey and generally rubbish but it's the closest I've got. Sorry about that.

Anyway, cheers, take care,

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Ah. I found her at a gig about a year ago, but she disappeared again. Good show, she's still around.
Let her know a number of OxIRCers remember her too :)
If you have her email, could you possibly either a) pass it on to me or b) let her know that I've still got her Great Pop Things book & if she gives me her postal address I'll post it to her? (a) is obv easier for you but I'm never sure of the etiquette of passing on other people's email addresses, so I leave it to your discretion as to whether she'd mind!). And give her my regards! Glad she's OK.